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You Need a Polka Dot Blanket

I’m a purely selfish volunteer.

I do the PTA because I live on top of the school.  How do I not go and my lights are on?  I also do it because I dig hanging out with the other members.  It’s a side effect that I also help the school.

I serve food once a month at our neighborhood resource center because my neighbor asked and she’s fun to hang out with.

I posted charity drives on the blog because it was easy to do from my couch.  I’m on the couch and my blog has a small crowd.  Why not?

Let’s review: I volunteer because I like hanging out with people, I don’t want to be caught at home during meetings, and sometimes I can do it lazily.  Plus it has to win me some decent karma points?  But because I’ve just advertised the fact that I volunteer (no matter how lazily) it cancels out any good I created because people will think it looks self-serving.  And probably is.  Shit, I’m truly a selfish person.

But thank god, there are people who are different.

There are people who recognize that their community needs help so they simply help.  They help because they can’t NOT help.  They help without anything in return or a blog to advertise their good deeds.  It’s in their core to give.  Secretly, I’m jealous of those Folks.  And not so secretly, I adore that our world has them.  Once a month, I get to watch these people help and witness the gratitude from those on the receiving end.

I started this blanket with the intention of keeping it.  But once I got into it, I realized that the polka dots just weren’t our style.

So I’ll unload it and donate the funds.  This is a pretty local fundraiser.  All funds will be donated to CRC which is located in my neighborhood.  I’m sure your neighborhood has a similar place.  Do some research and find your own selfish reasons to volunteer.

I don’t feel like creating a starting price.  It feels weird to me putting a price on the blanket: Would someone really pay that for a blanket of mine?  It’s not professional after all.  How about we do a silent auction?  I swear you’ll win this blanket for less than it’s actually worth.  And you’ll feel warm and fuzzy about helping out a good place.  How ’bout it?!

Let’s start at $10.  Email me a dollar amount higher than that and it could be yours!  You can do this by using the Contact button at the top of this page.  Or you can go to my Facebook page and message me (Check your Other folder for my reply)  At some point during the day, I’ll let you know if you’ve been outbid.

Highest bidder wins this 55×55 100% cotton quilt. You can toss it in the washer and dryer.  It’s meant to be used: cuddled, played on, eaten on, and pee’d on if necessary.

Top bid by the end of Wednesday night becomes the proud owner.  Send me a check or even better, use Paypal.  As long as you’re domestic, I’ll cover shipping.  International?  Throw me some extra change, please.

Let’s go.  Who’s got $10.25?

Please don’t make me give it away for a mere $10.25…

Polka Dot Scrappy Trip Along

polka dot scrappy trip along 2

Polka Dot Scrappy Folded and Ready to go

  • Michelle K - I would give you $40September 8, 2014 – 9:46 amReplyCancel

  • Cassie - I know what fabric, supplies, machines, and time cost for a quilter as my mother is a quilter. That puppy is prolly worth more then $250 easy. Good luck with it! I just love it!September 8, 2014 – 9:52 amReplyCancel

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