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Why Posing Doesn’t Work for Me.

The boys got long overdue haircuts.  Mark is working late, so I figured I’d take some pictures to email him.  Just asking the boys, “Can I take you picture for Daddy?” won’t work.  Giving them a mission does.  Being a photographer means you need to be creative and to think for yourself.  What to do?  What to do?

They thought their haircuts made them look like they were in a rock band, so I mentioned their Paper Guitars and let them run the show.

Like all good rocks shows, it went balls out pretty quickly.

When I thought they had gotten some energy out with the guitar smashing, I moved in for the portrait kill.  “Sit on the couch and hug your brother.” is always my next move.  I know that this isn’t going to work.  Contrary to Tommy Boy, brothers don’t hug.  They wrestle before the hugging happens.

And then they stop to laugh at the dog who was licking her butt.

And then they laugh at their Mom who called the youngest a Dork because, let’s be honest, Dork is a hilarious word.

And then they started to settle into Mom’s master plan…

… a decent photo of her two children.

It’s hard work getting a good “New Haircut” photo.

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