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Who Cares about the Appropriateness of it All. It’s Cute.

More than a decade ago, my younger sister and BIL were visiting my sister and her kids.  Jill asked one of the Girls (aka the twins) to get her something.  And then she did it again.  And then her husband did it.  My BIL, who was still childless at the time, said, “When I have kids, I won’t have them get git me stuff.  That’s wrong.”

Fast forward a few years and he was having his kids get git him stuff.

Sometimes you use your kids to get you the remote.  Or get you the magazine.  Or get you a beer (You’ve done it.  Don’t judge).

Sometimes you have them get you to laugh.  And when they want to play on the iPod, you make them dance. But they dance with all they got because they have no other way to dance.

And you get to laugh.

Because life can be really good.