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White Vignetting Rocks. Sort of.

I’m not sugary sweet.  I’m pretty sure y’all have gotten that and are probably ok with that.  I try not to be 100% negative and I’ve stopped thinking I’m super depressing.  I’d like to think I’m more common sensical.  And I tend to hang out and love common sensical people.

Last year’s Meet-Up, our photography bitch fest was about Flare.  Flare is beautiful when done correctly.  But some photographers find flare better than most.  They can find Flare in their Great Uncle’s basement.  It isn’t possible, but there it is in their photo.  Flare from a tiny crack in the concrete.  Last October, we took the time to call bull-shit on all this Flare.  Our plan was to photoshop Flare out of our asses.  I also tend to hang out with people just as crass as I am.  And if I cared enough, I’d recreate that photo of Flare Ass.  But that means I’d have to find Flare overlays that I’ve used maybe twice.  Once to test them.  Twice to create Flare Ass.  Just imagine 4 fine asses with a giant flare shooting out.  Take a moment.  Yeah, it was that good.

This year’s bitch-fest was varied.  The problem with bitching about photography is who you choose to bitch to.  If you don’t really know them, you sound petty and jealous.  Everyone has a vision of art.  Your vision isn’t my vision.  Mine isn’t yours.  And then your rant becomes offensive.  I get that.  But sometimes stuff just doesn’t line up.  You can’t hide your disgust.  And if you’re with friends who have like-minded views of photography, it feels delicious and spot-on.

We got in the car and someone mentioned White Vignetting.  There’s a million other things we could have tapped (trust me, we did), but the first was the white glowing haze.  Here’s my standard apologize if I realized I’ve offended someone. Here it is if you love white vignetting:

I’m really sorry.  Maybe if you fixed it, I’d understand your work.  Look.  That’s a nice angle.  I’m sure your stuff is beautiful to someone.  But I just don’t get it.  You don’t get my bathroom.  You don’t get my non-posed stuff.  Let’s call ourselves even.  I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would tell me I’m wrong and that I’m a bitch.  I’ll take it.  But I just don’t get it.  But that’s all.  Not a slap at your talent. (maybe…sorry, that’s not nice) I’m just one person who doesn’t see it.  There’s hundreds that will say you’re right and I’m wrong.

And from that rant, we knew we had to do some white vignetting. 

These snarky ladies rocked the white haze.  I’m only mad that I didn’t position better to put one of them inside a Brandy Snifter.  There’s always next year.  And I’m sure something else Photography-wise will give us enough to bitch about and recreate.