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Where Have All the Bloggers Gone

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s just my desire to read blogs has waned.  But when my husband says, “I love looking at your blog, but here have you been?” I stop and listen.

I’ve been away from blogging.  Not doing a damn thing, but with nothing to say.  Maybe when you fall out of habit, you fall out of the necessity.  Blogging used to keep me sane.  It offered a place to vent and a place to connect (even during FB heavy days).  But blogging just fell off.  There isn’t a good reason for it to fall away, it simply did.

I miss the connection part most of all.  The posts when people would say, “I completely understand what you’re saying!” or “Thank you for saying what I’ve been trying to say for so long.”  Those comments, mostly from strangers, reaffirm to me that we’re a better society when we lean on each other.  When we recognize our similarities rather than focus on our differences, I believe life gets easier.

But in order to create that connection, someone has to pipe up.  And since it’s my blog, I’ll clear my throat and step up to the mic.

I can’t ramble on and on about an important topic, because I got nothing.  There’s nothing brewing that grabs my passion.  Things are flat out non-irritating, “boring-ish” in a good way, nothing tear invoking.  You get the picture: non-blog worthy.  So how about a bullet post this with a few things you might not know about me:


  • I’d rather eat Mexican food than any other food.  Sour cream, Guac, hot sauce, big ass beer?  Yes please.
  • Unless you’re serving up Mya’s Fried chicken.  Then I’ll always take that.  Get to Columbus and visit their food truck.  You won’t be disappointed.  Hell, I’ll meet you there.
  • Cold hot dogs?  I forgot how good these were.
  • Nine and Six will be the ages I romanticize about my boys.  This age is my thing.  There’s a smidge of independence that I’ve been longing for since the newborn years.  There’s a confidence I have with the parenting part that was never apparent in previous ages.  And there’s the love they have for each other that is tear-inducing to witness.
  • I’m a bad text-er.  I reply too fast.  “Does she leave by her phone?” and I hate when people don’t respond for hours.  I can’t stand the read receipt.  There’s no Smart Ass font.  I never proof it.  “Shut” always comes out “Shit”. I’ve been told I’m mean in texts.  I can’t NOT respond.  Those damn three little dots have the ability to affect my life in an awful way.
  • Someone explain the weird voice on “Sam & Cat” and why my boys enjoy this show.
  • I’ve been on an odd Dolly Parton kick at work.  I firmly believe that “Islands in the Stream” could solve our world’s problems.  Every single one.
  • Now that we live in the community where we shop, I can’t run to the grocery without bumping into friends.  It’s still a fun surprise every time it happens.  If I gave a shit about my bedraggled hair and no make-up, it’d be an awful side effect of the neighborhood.
  • I blew Coop’s mind when I told him, “Yeah, I saw WWE’s Big Show once.”  I went through a weird wrestling phase after college.  Don’t ask because I can’t explain it.  And we have no clue why Coop’s into wrestling right now.  Genes…
  • I obsess on things and over people quickly.  It’s as if my life will never be the same once the discovery of the current Obsession.  And then the it floats away without notice.  Nothing replaces it except the whisper of sanity: What was I thinking?
  • I love that moment when you realize that you’re in a good place with your spouse.  You look over and think, “This is how life is suppose to be.”  As simple and as comforting as a bowl of homemade mac n’ cheese.

Mic down and I’m OUT!

Pick it up and share something if you want.  It feels pretty good.




  • Imene - I totally agree with your post. Blogging was a necessity for me too and I fell off the wagon. I think what killed the community and the fun is that everyone started thinking image mad monetizing
    I am back in my space slowly I share what I want when I want and I make sure to comment everywhere I visit so they keep writing
    I love your blog tooApril 27, 2014 – 11:09 amReplyCancel

  • Amber - I rarely comment but visit often.
    I adore your images and love your words.
    I also love Mexican food the most. Because Guac.
    I have defnately noticed my favourite bloggers blogging less.
    And I’m glad you post… even if it’s sporadic and “boring-ish”.
    Happy Thursday!May 1, 2014 – 2:11 pmReplyCancel

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