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What I Believe In Right Now

I believe in a good glass of wine.

I believe that we can’t have it all.

I believe that “All” is a place made up Marketing departments.

I believe we outgrow people, places, and things.

I believe we grow into what we need.

I believe I’m not the best photographer.

I believe I’m doing my best right now.

I believe I can change my mind whenever I want.

I believe dancing like a Super Star is the only way you should ever dance.

I believe you should know one song by heart and find at least one friend who knows the same song.

I believe my fear of motherhood makes me a better mother.

I believe being a mother is even harder if you can’t be yourself.

I believe women should be supportive.

I believe that women shouldn’t be supportive just to be ladylike.

I believe being ladylike never should have existed.

I believe it’s ok to fart if a man openly farts in the same room.

I believe grown people shouldn’t be farting in rooms, but don’t be shocked if I do.

I believe gas slips out and there’s not a baby around to blame.

I believe creating something is more powerful than people understand.

I believe in a good cup of coffee.

I believe in saying, “fuck it.”

I believe life is more about luck and what you do with the luck.

I believe in not cropping out life.

I believe if you’re complaining, get out or quit bitching.

I believe in standing up for people when they can’t.

I believe in finding people who will help you stand.

I believe being confident isn’t easy, but worth the struggle.

I believe wanting to be loved for what you do is a desperate way to live.

I believe in being loved for being you.

I believe you should be selfish.

I believe in what I wrote.

I believe in fighting rather than running.

I believe in stirring the pot.

I believe you can believe in what you want, but you can’t force me to believe in it.

I believe honesty brings a deeper connection.

I believe that kickass is a state of mind.

And I believe that once you find it, you can’t lose it.





  • amy grace - it will always be worth my time to read what comes from inside you. i hope you know how appreciated you are. you are a direct line to a kind of freedom i need to remember. xoApril 9, 2013 – 10:29 pmReplyCancel

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