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Watching Love Grow

A month ago, the news was difficult to watch and yet I couldn’t turn it off.  Every day I’d say, “That’s the worst thing to happen!”  And then within a couple days, I was saying “I guess it can get worse…”  The news was full of unthinkable violence and hate speak easily rattled off of tongues.  All of this was peppered between stories of political absurdities.  My children were asking difficult questions and I had to deliver difficult answers.  My faith in humanity was being questioned.

But then one beautiful Saturday morning, I got the call that Liv was in labor.

The house had that new baby buzz.   Liv was in labor, but still able to talk and laugh.  Her wife Julia was helping by providing popsicles, juice, and changing the music at Liv’s request.  Midwives were setting up and I was getting ready to capture a very special birth.

All births have their own special vibe: first baby, first girl, all boys, good friend, surprise baby… This one was no different.  Julia and Liv were helping Hyun and Wessel start a family.

Liv’s labor progressed quickly.  The room started to fill with the fact that a baby was coming.  Wessel and Hyun were at the edge of the pool eager to meet their son.  Julia comforted Liv during her most difficult contractions.  I caught Wessel’s face and I knew that he had seen the first glimpse of his son.  Minutes later, he was helping the midwife catch his son.  Soon after with Julia and Liv on the couch, Hyun and Wessel were holding their son, Junhee.  A family was born.

During that afternoon I was reminded that selfless kindness and pure love is our true humanity. And very quickly, my faith was restored and won’t be shaken again.  Every day there are acts of love being put back into the world and those will grow into even greater acts of Love.  I’m grateful that I was able to watch one of those acts grow.

The world always needs more love.  And that’s just what it got one beautiful Saturday morning.





*Junhee decided to two drop poos during a photo…  The kid’s got his timing down.  

I have no doubt he’s going to be hilarious.

Midwives: C.H.O.I.C.E.

  • Val Ely - Wow, Erika. I am speechless. What a complete and utterly gut-wrenching display of selfless love. You documented their story beautifully. Thanks for sharing it. I feel weepy now.August 10, 2016 – 10:28 amReplyCancel

    • Erika - Thank you. It truly was an honor to document both days.August 10, 2016 – 5:46 pmReplyCancel

  • Pam Sherratt - This made me cry! Such a wonderful, wonderful story. What a great life that little boy will have.August 11, 2016 – 7:22 pmReplyCancel

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