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Watching Dads Become Dads

I spend a lot of time discussing Women becoming Moms.  Hell, the birth is kind of their day.  Plus it’s something I know about.

However it’s a big day for the entire couple.  Men become Dads at the same time albeit with less pain and discomfort.  But they become Dads too and that’s pretty important.  I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Men become Dads for the first time, become Dads after years of already being a Dad, and becoming a full fledge girl/boy Dad.  Each time it’s a precious and a powerful thing to witness.  Softness spreads.  Giddiness fills the room.  You can almost hear their hearts break and fill with love each time they stare at their new baby.

Find a Dad and hug them.  Find the Dad of your babies and say, “Thanks for your help.”

Find your Dad and say, “Thanks for loving me.”