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Waiting Game

I have a thing about being on time.  It’s more like: I have a thing about being early.  If I’m two minutes late for an appointment that’s four hours away, I’ll be miserable the entire day.  Even if it’s uncontrollable, my day will be ruined.  I can be smug and say, “I value your time and my time.”  But honestly Being On Time is just a thing for me.

The time thing is yet another laughable reason that I’m a birth worker.  Time is never a factor with birth!  Due dates are simply estimates.  Labors go fast and labors go slow without a clear reason.  You go and hope you’ve got more than 10 minutes until baby arrives.  You go and hope that you aren’t sleeping on your clients’ couch for hours.  You go and hope you don’t have to reschedule tomorrow afternoon’s hair appointment.  You go and wait.  And sometimes you go and there’s no waiting…  There’s a baby waiting for you.

One of my last births, the labor ramped up quickly.  Babies don’t like to wait on anyone when they’re really ready for this world.  With some midwife help via the speakerphone, Daddy delivered his fifth child.  She couldn’t wait any longer to meet her big and fantastic family.  I have a feeling this beauty will never play catch up with her siblings.  I’m guessing they will happily chase her all day long.