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Trapped in Love

Every single time I do a birth, I ask myself: How did I get here?!  And not in a “OMG I’m so Blessed” sort of way.

More like a WTF sort of way.  Think about it…

  • I’m smooshed in between a stranger’s bed and their night stand.  Read it again.  A stranger’s BED and NIGHT STAND.  Your Momma warns you about that situation growing up.
  • I’m stuck wandering a stranger’s kitchens looking for their cups and getting a glimpse of their lives.  I’m not creepy, but it feels like it sometimes…
  • I’m seeing a stranger’s bits and pieces and she DOES NOT care at all.  Part of the job, Folks.  Doesn’t bother me, I just wonder how I got there.
  • I walk over blood drips and blobs and help hold the trash bag for the midwives.  Trying really hard to not get bodily waste on me.
  • Occasionally I lean on their bed because I feel faint.  Occasionally, Folks. Please don’t faint in front of strangers…
  • I get really close while their placenta is being checked.  Like really close.  Ever smell placenta?  I have.
  • And then I drive home usually around 4:30 a.m.

How did I get here?!

 But then…

Then I edit the photos and it all becomes clear why I’m there.

  • I’m surrounded by family and/or friends of the new baby.  All are a degree of Happy that you rarely see in life.
  • I listen as a partner whispers the sweetest encouragement into her ear.  And she trust those words as her lifeline.
  • I hover over them as he strokes and caresses her hands desperately trying to take away the pain. But she leans into the pain.
  • I get to breathe in her power and I’m reminded what it means to be a Woman.
  • I watch an only child become aware that they just became a big brother.  Confusion and then glee fills their face.
  • I see a Grandma fall in love all over again with her baby and now her baby’s baby.
  • I witness a partner humbled and amazed by the power of birth.
  • I’m in the company of women encouraging another woman towards greatest.
  • I’m welcomed into one of their most precious moments.  For a few hours, I’m apart of a family.

So I ask myself again: How did I get here?  

I don’t care.

For a few hours, I was trapped with life’s purest form of Love.



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Welcome to the World, Little One!

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  • Sarah - Why must you live so far away!? These are beautiful, and your posts are alway a reminder of how amazing women are, and how important documenting them bringing a life into the world is. I teared up. <3March 2, 2016 – 5:50 pmReplyCancel

  • Robin Geer Troxell - stunning, as always!March 2, 2016 – 7:44 pmReplyCancel

  • Mary Elizabeth - beautiful.March 3, 2016 – 2:42 amReplyCancel

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