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I should be working.  I have a review that is past due.

I should be cleaning.  Maybe someone would really like to schedule an appointment to see our house.

I should be packing.  Our junk isn’t going to move itself.

I should be switching utilities.

I should be quilting or working on photo projects.  My sanity needs to be flat-lined.

Instead I’m spending time with the Toronto photos.  I’m trying to live in those moments a little longer.  These snapshots are literally going to keep me sane during the move, hospital bills, work schedules.  Prior to the trip, I felt like I was drowning in a unexperienced pile of stress brought on from calendar dates’ circled in red.  I avoided doing anything to make those future dates doable.  I just needed to get to Toronto.  I got there.  Drank, laughed, attempted to hoop, shot the details, met new friends, talked in silly voices, danced, ate, and found a normal I had been missing.  Toronto got me ready for the upcoming stress.  I can handle it and if I can’t, I know where to turn: poutine.  It’s time for a change.

And Toronto gave me the shot and slap I needed to deal with it.  Thanks, birches.