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Tonight, Becks got a lesson in paper football

And I got a lesson in how deep a kid’s love is for a stuffed animal.  This is since summer and how deep is surprising.  Sure we’ve been a blanket house since about two years old with each boy.  But Becks’ love for this Spiderman is slowly trumping Owl Blankie.  He’s his father.  Coop will occasionally torment Spiderman and all Hell breaks loose.  Tonight, he didn’t want him sitting on the opposite stool because he’d fall and hurt himself.  Spidey is usually the Share Day toy, but that’s the most he gets out into the real world because losing Spidey isn’t an option.  At bedtime, Becks says that he loves all of us and Spidey is always at the beginning of the list.  He sleeps next to him and laughs when I forget to kiss Spidey goodnight.  He’ll gently cover him up and I tell Becks that one day he’ll be a good father.  But don’t call Spidey a doll.  He’s a hero.  There’s a difference, people.


Psst…  And I fell back in love with VSCO for color.

And wanna know what I can’t wait to fall in love with?  Cabinet doors in the kitchen.