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Today we celebrated


I saw the book “Life is a Verb” pop up on a contact’s blog.  As I always do when a book sounds interesting, I jumped right over to our library’s website and reserved it.  A few days later, it was waiting for me (we have the greatest library system and I know you’re jealous).  The book is interesting.  At first, I was afraid it was going to call for creative journaling.  Look, I love artists and I respect artists.  But artistic journaling is something I’m not drawn to at all.  So I was pretty afraid when I cracked the book.  While the book is a little touchy-feely and has almost too many inspiring quotes, it’s a fun read with daily writing prompts.  I’m not deep into it, I’m skipping the prompts, and I’m not even sure I’ll finish it.  But I can absolutely understand the author’s points on every level.  If I were unsure of my life or looking for a push, this is the book I’d reach for.  She preaches a unique and thoughtful way to look at the world without being over-the-top New Age-y.  She did write about something that I took to heart.  Celebrate the smaller occasions.  She even carries around candles in her purse for impromptu celebrations.  I’m trying to imagine Mark’s face if I whipped out a candle, slammed it into a Starbucks’ cupcake, and praised Becks for pooping in Target’s potty.  I’m guessing he wouldn’t be celebrating the celebration.

Today during our walk home from school, Cooper told me he got two awards: a Good Citizen award and a Silver award.  Don’t ask me what the Silver award is for because clearly I’d get a Goose Egg award in the Good Parental Listening Ears category.  But I do know that not every kid gets one.  He was excited that it wasn’t Bronze.  Why not celebrate?  It’s Friday.  There were two awards which I had to miss the ceremony because of a conference call.  Let’s try this random celebrating thing out!  I found some candles next to the pile of dead batteries waiting to be recycled and MacGyver’d a way to make the candle stand up.  We all smiled at it and he blew it out in one proud puff.  It was a good way to start the weekend.  Hope you can find something to celebrate too.