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Today He Is Eight

This kid.  Oh this sweet sweet kid.  When you have two, you get to have the one who made you a Mom and one that keeps you Mommy a little longer.   Both are incredibly important for entirely different reasons.  Here are a few reason I love the one who made me a Mom.

This one made me the woman I am.  The woman who types this post and who will wait for him at the door after school.  He made me into my greatest self.  A self I was sure didn’t exist and for that I’m forever grateful.  We’re in a good place with him.  We don’t have major tantrums or irrational kid rages.  We have a boy who knows how to pour cereal for his brother.  He knows how to push Becks’ buttons, but still helps Becks win a video game.  We have a kid who acts independently on many levels.  We have a kid who hugs you deeply first thing every morning.  We have a kid on the verge of being fully aware of life but still comfortably snuggled up next to you.  The perfect blend of boy and child.

He switched schools and a home this year.  I know that wasn’t easy for him, but he handled it so well.  Honestly, better than I did.  Watching him at school and in our neighborhood makes me excited for our future.  He has a place to grow and giving him these roots made the difficultly of moving worth every ounce of stress.

I’m finally able to watch him flourish in the environment he’s always deserved.  I’m in the front row.  Cheering every second.

Answers to his birthday questions:

Nicknames: Coop, Coopie, Coop-de-doop, Guss, Gussy, Guss-Bus

How old are you: 8

What’s your favorite color: Red

What’s your favorite animal: Polar Bear

What’s your favorite book: Lemony Snickets

What’s your favorite TV show: Regular Show & Adventure Time

What’s your favorite movie: Last Action Hero

What’s your favorite song: I Don’t Care.  I Love It.

What’s your favorite food: Pizza

What’s your favorite drink: Root Beer

What’s your favorite breakfast food: Eggs and toast

What’s your favorite snack: Dorittos

What’s your favorite game: The Sims

What’s your favorite toy: Lego

Who’s your best friend: Tyler

What’s your favorite thing to do: Play video games

What’s your favorite thing to do outside: Play basketball

What’s your favorite holiday: Christmas

What do you like to take to bed with you at night: books

Where is your favorite place to go: Zoo

What is your favorite restaurant: Red Robin

Where do you want to go on vacation: The Lego company

What do you want to be when you grow up: A Lego designer