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Things I’d Like to Remember From the Week + 6:52

Things I’d like to remember from this week:

  • A spotless stove.  Poor thing has no idea how dirty she’s going to get.
  • How insanely happy I am to make her filthy.
  • The million times we’ve said, “Fuck Ikea.  Never again.” or “A house with stairs is awful.  Why’d we buy a house with stairs?”
  • “Night, Becks.  I love you.”  – me. “And I love our new room” -Becks
  • Next move, buy a keg.
  • There’s nothing like the first coat of paint.  You either freak out about the color or fall deeply in love.  This time, we fell in love.
  • The time I almost drove away from our home because of a couch’s slipcover.  I would have come back.  I just needed to tantrum.
  • By Friday, the dog settled down.
  • One day, I met three neighbors.  One brought a pie and all went out of their way to welcome us.
  • The walk to a local fabric store with a good friend.
  • I got some help with the leaves.
  • My clothes finally smelled clean.  The 12 year-old washer and dryer did the best they could.
  • Even surrounded by chaos, boxes, paint fumes, and trash, I felt like I was home on Monday.