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They don’t know anything else.

I love social media because you get to hear your friends and friends of friends’ opinions instantly.  There’s no more waiting until the next weekend you get free.  By then your opinions have probably softened by knowledge.  By then you probably wouldn’t say something so definite and passionate.  You’d have time to think about the pros and cons of your opinion.  But social media allows you to experience your friends’ gut reaction to a situation.  Which is fine because you probably could have guessed it, but seeing it in writing is always more concrete.

We’re a Mac family.  My husband is a designer, so there has never been another option.  More than a decade ago we had to buy our first computer together, I fought it.  There’s a price difference and at the time I didn’t really see the value difference.  I’ve been Mac user since sixth grade, but I had never actually had to fork over the money for the computer.  Thank you, schools.  It was a battle that I was always going to lose, but I’m cheap so I waged it.  And now I’m a photographer.  There isn’t another option.  If you’re a photographer and use a PC, you just don’t know yet.  But someday, you will and you’ll agree with the millions of other Mac users.  It’s just a better platform for design.  It isn’t a smugness.  It’s just simply better.  The news of Steve Jobs death was a sad moment in our house.  I loved seeing Facebook and Twitter fill up with people’s sadness.  It seemed appropriate.  I don’t know a lot of facts, details, backgrounds, the specifics of his life.  But I know he made our lives easier.

I also found it mildly entertaining to watch people’s opposite reaction to his death.  “Sad, but he’s just a man.”  “Really?  What’s the big deal?  We all die.” Etc.  Etc.  Etc.  I disagree.  He created something so revolutionary that my children will only know the type of technology he created.  If they become PC users, their lives are still changed with his creations.  For them, Apple will always feel like the way it has always been.  For example, ask them to change the channel on the tv without a remote.  Giggle at their confusion and madness.  The Apple technology is a standard part of their lives.  Yep, he was a man who died just like I’ll die and you’ll die.  But my kids will only know how to pinch and pull on a screen to zoom.  When they want to flip a page, they’ll swipe.  There’s a generation oblivious to the past.  And that’s the mark of a genius.