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There’s Something About New Mommas

I had lunch with a friend today.  A handsome little dude joined us but we must have been really boring because he slept the entire time.  He’s almost three weeks old, so I’ll cut him some slack.  Before I left, I asked to squeeze in a few pictures for the 365.  When I do pictures for the 365, I do them quickly.  At this point of the year, it’s all I’ve got in me for this project.  I want them done, so I can get on with my day.

I still haven’t learned that I should slow down and craft the photo.  I never want to impose on someone for a personal project.  I got home and I realized I wasn’t concerned with exposure or composition.  I was more concerned with not over-staying my welcome.  When a newborn is sleeping, you should be sleeping and I kept her awake while her son was snoozing.  How rude of me?  But I also realized that my focus in the photos was not on this adorable baby, but on his Momma.  I’ve seen this before in my photos.  My focus is on the sibling or the parent with the baby softly blurred.  I never thought about it prior to these photos.  I guess I’m obsessed with the details surrounding the baby.  I love seeing a woman travel into Motherhood.  We all take different paths to this destination.  Some are smooth and some are bumpy.  Some are instantaneous and some are a bit longer.  But we all end up in the promise land of Love.  And my camera and I adore watching the journey.



I think he knew I wasn’t focusing on him.  He shot me a look at the end that said, “Hey lady.  I’m new here.  Next time, I want scheduled time with your lens.  Next time, you come for me.  Got it.”  He’s kind of pushy.  But I’ll gladly take his version of pushy any day.


Next time, I’ll focus completely on you.  Promise.