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The Boy

When I met Holly, she said, “I really want pictures.”  She also said she likes to be in the bathroom for most of labor, so I pointed out that would make pictures difficult.  There was a false alarm and when we got there she said, “I keep telling Trevor we need this stuff out of the room for pictures.”  When we returned, lights were on and helpful for photos.  I was ready.

The birth is NOT about pictures, but it certainly helps when a client cares.  Holly did retreat to the bathroom, but didn’t stay there.  Even when she really wanted to stay, she came back to her bed.  She had the lights on for the majority of the birth.  She needed them off for a little bit and her husband kept an eye on the situation.  She said, “Turn them on” and a few seconds later they were welcoming their third child.  The first boy.

Because the birth is not about styled photos, I try so hard to capture the feeling of the room.  I need for you to feel an ounce of that incredible moment.  When her baby turns 10 and the Mom is flipping through pictures from the night, I want her to remember how beautiful and powerful she was.  I want family and friends not at the birth to feel the love I was privileged to swim in. Birth photos aren’t about crowning shots or the newborn.  It’s about the beginning of a powerful love.  My aim is to make you experience this love.  It’s my only goal.

With Holly’s birth, there was a tenderness that was weaving in and out of the pain.  I want you to know that the cat needed to stay close to Holly.  She never flinched when Holly screamed from a contraction.  How a friend and her son came to deliver his newest pal.   During labor, we watched him crawl and play with Holly’s youngest daughter.  I can’t record Holly saying, “Please bring me her.  She wants to snuggle.”  But I can try with the pictures.  Scroll down and find the photo where she’s clutching her son’s tiny hand  and looking up at her husband.  In the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, she said “I love him.  I just love him.  Don’t you love him?”  If I weren’t already on my knees, those few words would have buckled me.

I hope you can tell that she never needed to ask.

The entire room loved him.

They really loved him.








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