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The Big Reason Mom’s Shoot

I don’t have issues deleting photos.

The wrong eye is in focus?  Delete.

Cute picture of toddler, but a person is shoveling a huge bite of food into their mouth in the background?  Delete.

Becks is wonky looking, but Coop is spot-on?  Delete.

I’ve got high-eyes, but the entire family is gorgeous?  Delete.

I’m really good at deleting photos.  I don’t want to look at a lot of photos.  I want to look a handful of really good photos.  If you delete a lot, I respect you.  And concerning my workflow, I’m lazy.  I hate editing turds because it never works.  It’s still a hot steamy pile of photo shit with some colors popped.  The X key and I are buddies in LR.  I’m no hoarder when it comes to photos.  I figure there’s always a better moment waiting for my camera to capture.

But then there’s a photo I should delete, but simply can’t.  I know that the bottom half was properly exposed.  I know the top half was hazy and over exposed.  My focus was off.  Most people won’t see the Boo-Boos, but I do.  It’s going to take more work than I’d like to “fix” it.  And all of that is ok.  I’m not putting myself down, I’m pointing out facts.  Things I’ll attempt to avoid in with the next snap.

But sometimes the very things that sucked us into photograph out-weigh any technical flubs.  Sometimes the soft gaze of a boy kicks you like the first time he actually kicked you: jolting and exhilarating.  Sometimes the slightly blurry eyes hold every single smile he’s ever flashed for the past nine years.  Sometimes those eyes are unrecognizable because they can’t possibly be that old.  And sometimes the face is truly the most beautiful thing you’ve ever witnessed.

Those Sometimes are the reasons we reach for our cameras.


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