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The Art of Being an Adult

I never check the weather.  Ever.  

And then my kids leave the house wearing inappropriate seasonal clothes.  Or I don’t have an umbrella when the entire city knew a storm was coming.  Or I walk to lunch shocked that it’s freezing in December because it was really sunny at 7 a.m.  Checking the weather is one of those Adult Things that I still haven’t mastered..  After spending all weekend hearing the chatter of the upcoming weekdays’ weather, I checked the weather and my phone told me it’s going to be -11.  Negative fucking eleven!?  That’s not mid-Ohio weather!  

Being an adult is so overrated.


This is how I want to be Every. Single. Day. Of. Winter.

I don’t care that I’m suppose to parent.  Or wash clothes.  Or go to work. Or feed the family.

I just want to lay on the couch covered in a blanket.

I’m jealous of the pup.  Bitch.

Plus she doesn’t have to master the art of being an adult.

But she can’t make a One Second video…

The rest here.