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The 10 on 10 Failure Day

Why did it fail?

Because I didn’t feel like taking pictures, duh.  I guess I wanted to participate in the fun day and not spend it taking pictures.  Plus I didn’t even take ten pictures!  That’s my real problem.  The point of a 10 on 10 is to shoot ten photos.  I could have wrangled 10, but it’d be a few very similar photos.  The person’s arm might have been a little to the left in the second Arm photo.  Maybe the beer was consumed a bit more in the third photo of lunch.  I can’t have three photos of the same five minutes.  That’s not right.  I’ve got a few more days to make a 10 on 10 Day work.

Here are pictures from my Failure 10 on 10 day.

  • Jill - Ahhh . . . we truly look like a bunch of loons but in the sweetest way possible . . . might have to get that one of the Girls blown up real big.July 27, 2012 – 8:23 amReplyCancel

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