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Summer So Far

I always go into summer with the best intentions.  We’ll be outside more.  We’ll eat fresh veggies and swing in the hammock.  We’ll read more and watch less tv.  We’ll tell kid-friendly ghost stories while we camp and soak up the sun on the camper’s beach.  Tiny parts of Columbus will be explored and nights will end around a fire.

That’s how I envision every single summer.

I romanticize the season every year.  I want to live other people’s Summer.  Instead, I continue to live our summer every year which is a generic version of my perfected version.

Coop does camp which means he’s outside 90% of the time.  When he comes home, I’m perfectly happy letting him crash indoors.  This year, I’m even happier because I’m just getting home from the office.  Honestly, I never want to be outdoors if A/C is an option.  We’ve got a garden, so we’ve had fresh cilantro and a few spring onions.  Squirrels ran off with our tomatoes, so maybe we’ll hit the farmer’s market for some local tomatoes.  Maybe not and I’ll just hit the grocery.  We haven’t been camping yet, but we will. Ghost stories might happen or might not.  The boys will probably do sticker books by a flashlight and Mark and I will be apologizing for the 18th time.  We don’t set up the site well…  I’m not making lists of places to visit this year.  I’m making grocery lists and freezer meal schedules instead.  We’ve hit the zoo and a few festivals, but nothing new.  It hasn’t been bad by any means.  I just never feel like I fully take advantage of Summer.

The Summer is buffer to the rest of the year.  Our freezer is full and I’m getting used to the alarm clock.  Summer is pretty much half over and I need to force myself to soak it up.  I need to force myself to live it the way I had hoped.  A little less screen time and a little more quality.

Tell me about your summer.  Make me jealous.  Give me a kick in the swim trunks.


  • Imene - Summer always starts with the best intentions and then reality settles in. We are out as much as the weather allows. My goals were much more realistic this year and my screen time expectations too. The boys have to read 20 minutes, do workbooks for 20 minutes a day. We go to the lake, bike and eat ice cream…for the rest some tv is ok.
    We signed up for a couple hours of swimming and tennis and they are happy like that.
    They’re just happy to have a loose schedule and me well I’m giving myself a break from guiltJuly 15, 2013 – 8:14 amReplyCancel

  • Cindy Gordon - Just a humble opinion here – I don’t think you need a kick – I think you need to give yourself a break. I can’t help but wonder if ALL of us are not internalizing all these ideas about how we are SUPPOSED to live based on all the social media we take in, these ideas we internalize even when we don’t realize that’s what we are doing.

    Perhaps your summer is supposed to be exactly what it is. Alone time in the house in the evenings after full days sounds like a blessing that many others don’t have. I’m working on being grateful for where I am, for what life looks like right this minute. Enjoy the air conditioning. Use that time to read, rest, recharge. Look for the little bits of goodness that come from that – and those freezer meals will free up a ton of free time this fall for you all to engage in some other activities that really make you happy.July 15, 2013 – 8:28 amReplyCancel

  • Bethany - I feel very accomplished this summer! Before, I had babies that made it hard to get out. Now the girls are both big enough to not drive me completely crazy. So far we’ve gone to the farmers market almost every week (not really a feat because the new house is 2 blocks from it), we went to the beach, Keira did a week of vacation bible school while Rori and I went to the zoo, a kids art studio, some playdates, and a bit of shopping. I am almost done with a book (Their eyes were watching God… I picked a African American folklore classic apparently) and I learned how to sew and made 2 going on 3 quilts. Keira will go to swim lessons next week and I’m hoping to go explore a creek. Another huge accomplishment is a neighbor complemented me on my tan! Basically he was impressed that I no longer glowed. I live in California, so I’m pretty much as pasty as you can get here. Haha.

    It’s been nice! I hope to take Keira fishing with my brother and sister, but we will see. Still no camping with these little ones. Maybe next year? I’m looking forward to your camping photos!July 17, 2013 – 10:09 amReplyCancel

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