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Stroking my Creative Goods

20140125-_ELR9988The perfect representation of My Life as a Boy Mom.

I’ve been quiet here.  Which means only one thing: My Creative Goods needs some nudging.  Every artist has their own Creative Goods.  Those Goods keep an artist alive.  If those Goods get dusty, it becomes really difficult to make them work again.

So it’s time to get selfish and start stroking my Creative Goods.

 Don’t worry, I’ll do it in private.

I won’t waste your time stroking it here with long rambling posts.  Uncreative words are tease and a let-down.

I won’t stroke it by throwing pictures up in all sorts of Facebook Pages.  Likes won’t get my juices going.

I think we’ll all agree, it’s embarrassing to stroke it in public.

So let me close this door for a little while and stroke my Creative Goods.

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