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Sometimes I forget to look back

When you have two same sex kids whose ages are just enough apart to put them into different maturity levels, it becomes difficult to effectively parent each child separately.

You expect more from one.  You accept less from another.

You forget that one still needs you.  You forget that one needs to need you less.

It’s a tricky balancing act.  And when you’re falling you never notice until you hit your face hard on the floor.

I forgot that he’s not as old as I think he is.  I forgot that I’m still needed, it’s just in new ways.

I forgot that when he says he doesn’t need me, it’s okay to lurk out of his sight.

I’ve been caught up in another’s big life moment so I simply forgot.  It’s ok.  Because you should  forget how to baby your babies.  Baby-ing is easy.  Hanging on is destructive and heartbreaking. I’ve always viewed my job as a Mother is to teach my boys how to fly away.  But there’s a balance you must be aware of.  And sometimes you get cocky.  And you forget.

Nothing huge.  Just a nice reminder to look back and make sure my babies are still flying as high as they can.

  • Beverly - I’m melting from the beauty of that contrast.August 14, 2013 – 8:22 amReplyCancel

  • Catherine - I just found this post for the first time. It made me tear up. I feel like you speak directly into my heart Erika!September 13, 2013 – 3:12 pmReplyCancel

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