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Somebody Let Me Write on Their Blog.

When you’ve been blogging for almost 22 days straight (NaBloPoMo), you don’t let a little work get in the way.  Maybe on day 4, but not on day 22.  On day 22, it seems like a completely rational exercise: Why wouldn’t I blog all month?  But today, I’ve got a late appointment up north and dinner plans.  I will have enough time to get in the door, kiss my kids, slap new deodorant on top of old deodorant, run out the door, and meet my friends for dinner, drinks, and a good chat.  No time from Gratitude post or even a drive-by picture.  Enter a post somewhere else.

Last week before all hell broke loose, I was asked by Patience to write a guest post on her blog Kindnessgirl.  It’s so flatteringly when anyone says “I like you and I like your work.”  It makes any girl giddy.  And when hell was circling at the end of the week, her email helped keep me sane.  At least one person liked me…  Go over and check out what I wrote!  And then stay and wander around her site.  Check out her birth work.  There’s music in case you’re at work.  Don’t you wish more people warned you prior to the jump?  Don’t let that stop you.  Turn your volume down and click it!  Look at her guerrilla goodness.  If I found one of those notes last night at our store, I would have broken down in the pie aisle.  I’m afraid if we ever sat around the table, she’d look me straight in the eye and say, “Erika, we gotta make you nicer.”  And she’d do it in a way that would make me like her even more.

Thanks for the opportunity, Patience.  Enjoy your holidays!