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Snuggling With Karma

FB and Twitter are always filled with articles linked to Forgiven, Kindness, Zen stuff.  It’s good and nice to read.  I’m guessing more people need to digest these types of articles.

But don’t you ever want to read something about Meanness?  Something about how it feels good to roll around with Mean and Nasty for a couple days?  Some times that’s exactly what I want to read.  I don’t want to feel shitty about having negative feelings.

I want to feel justified and human.

When you’re going through something difficult, everyone reminds you about Karma.  You take those statements and cling to them in the storm.  People continue to hand Karma out like it’s a band-aid when you’re Boo-Hoo-ing.  But finally you have to rip it off and simply say, “That’s life.”  You can’t hug those shitty feelings for too long or else you’ll end up bitter and angry over the uncontrollable.  Uncontrollable things don’t deserve that much attention let alone negative attention.

But one day, Karma does come knocking.  And Karma always invites you along.  He’s so kind that he gives you the balloons and confetti.

Ever get so excited over something that doesn’t deserve excitement?  I’m not talking death or health issues.  Maybe like a huge scratch on your smug neighbor’s new car?  Or watching some pompous jerk get puked on?  Or seeing the Road Raging Asshole pulled over?  Or anything shitty enough that you can’t wipe a gleeful smile off your face?  You’re able to make statements that even your own Mother says, “We didn’t raise you that way.”  And you refuse to apologize for your feelings.  You can acknowledge that your emotions are completely juvenile.  But there’s a tiny splash of delight mixed in.  Nobody writes articles about that Splash, so you feel like an awful person.

For about three seconds..

And then Karma rolls over and whispers, “You’re welcome, Sweetie.”

For a little while, you get to snuggle under a blanket with Karma.

He’s a really good snuggler.



**He also knows exactly when to sneak out of bed and leave you back under Kindness’ gaze.  Karma is pretty swell guy.