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Since Her Teens… What?

I’m going to type something now that sort of shocks me.  Here goes…

I’ve known Dinah since she was in her teens.  I barely remember the first couple meetings because I was in college and she was, well, a teenager.  She is the younger sister of our good friends, but I’ve never thought of her as Dan and Josh’s little sister.  We became closer friends when she moved to Columbus and she was also much older which makes relating easier.

She’s the kind of person who is graced with an infectious personality.  She sort of bubbles happiness.  You know the people who bubble and you just want to slam your head on a wall because their sugary personality irritates you?  She isn’t one of those types.  When she’s around, you know you’ll spend more time smiling than not.  It’s because she mixes the right amount positivity with a healthy dose of common sense.  She also has mean dance moves around a campfire.  Her husband is the same way, but he really gets your attention with it.  When he tells you something funny, he doesn’t just say it…  He screams it.  And you can’t help but laugh with him.

Dinah asked me to take some maternity pictures prior to the birth of their second child.  The week of our scheduled shoot, I got an email from her asking if I wouldn’t mind doing some in-home pictures after the birth.  I have to admit, I was excited for the cancellation.  Hanging out with the family is more my style.  I can get really uncomfortable trying to pose people, so I happily agreed and waited.

Two weeks ago their daughter was born.  She is precious and the perfect blend of her parents.  Last weekend, Dinah invited me over for some photos.  Usually when I see their son, he’s shy, so I figured I’d show up early to warm him up.  On Saturday, I learned that he requires no warming up when he’s at home.  He is every inch of an almost three year-old: bubbly like his mother and hilarious like his father.  All the pictures on this post were taken with him crawling on my back to help me get the shot.  I think he did a good job…

Spending time with Dinah in her home confirmed a long held assumption.  When they were expecting their first child, I never once wondered what type of Mother she’d become.  I just knew she’d be a really good one and I figured it would come organically to her.  It seems like she was born to be a mother.  She’s gentle and sweet with her children.  She isn’t overly-cautious with her actions because she’s in her element.  Motherhood fits her.  It’s in her genes.

Thank you to Dinah and Ben for letting me climb on your furniture and feed your son extra Skittles for the sake of photography.  Thanks for letting me capture your family in best possible place: your home.

Happy holidays!