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Scrappy Polka Dots

I feel silly putting a quilt up for sale.  No clue why, it just feels funny.

I feel silly keeping this quilt.  We have too many and this is a generous baby-sized one.  Finger crossed we won’t be welcoming any more babies into our family.

But I didn’t feel silly starting this quilt knowing the above facts.  I got an itch and I had to scratch it: All Polka Dots in a Square heavy design?!  Hell yes I want/need that.

So what’s a Silly Gal to do?

How about a silent auction?

You will probably pay much less than I would actually list it for and all the proceeds would go to a fantastic place. You’d get a deal, a warm fuzzy feeling, and a pretty sweet quilt.  I’m not sure you’re missing anything in that deal.  I guess if it came with a hot piece of ass slinging drinks while doling out back rubs that’d be an even better.  But you get what you get.

More details once it’s finished.

Scrappy trip along polka dot