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Round Four

A couple weeks ago, I could start to feel it bubble up: a 365 was going to have to happen.  I know that I need to take pictures.  But I won’t without a reason and my camera simply gathers dust.

I must force myself to take pictures.

“What about the joy of life, Erika?  What about for simple sheer beauty of life?  How about do it when you feel like doing it?  Just pick up your camera, Numbnuts.”

All of that doesn’t move me to use my camera.  Sure, I love the sheer beauty of life.  Sometimes I skip past the simple beauty and the messy shit blinds me.  And the past couple months, the messy shit has piled up.  It’s made me sad and then pushed me to lazy.  The sadness is all gone, but laziness lingers.

But I’m truly sick of being lazy about my photography.  I found myself ignoring my camera for long periods.  And I found myself ignoring the good bits of life around me.  Here’s the simple truth: my camera tethers me to my life.  And when I cut that cord, I sort of fumble around bored by the everyday.

For me, there’s one way to stop the tumble.  Photograph life every single day.

I’m putting some rules/goals on Round 4.

  1. Do my absolute best to finish the project.
  2. If I end mid-way/two months from now/on Day 362, not give a fuck.  I know I will have done my best.
  3. Focus on people more than the details.
  4. Get some camping photos.
  5. Buy my kids non-logo shirts for stock photography purposes.
  6. Photograph a vacation.
  7. Throw in some portraits.
  8. Add at least six birth shoots to the 365.
  9. Get a really good birthday shot.
  10. Snap something new to a 365.
  11. If I break all the rules, not sweat it.

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