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Round Four 365

When I started 365 Round 4, I gave myself a few goals.   But a list is only a simple map.

Births, vacations, portraits, try to finish…  

Smoosed in between each Goal are the moments that string life together.  Here are a few of my favorite strings.

Family events held birthday wishes, traditions, fun sideways glances, and competitive game nights.


Our year was full of friends.  Simple moments shared: dinner, drinks, laughter, and mischief.


Each year has many special events.  Some are annual: first day of school, Father’s day, Halloween costumes, and camping.  And others happen a few times in your life: new American citizens, the birth of a first child, the birth of a third, National championship, and first birthdays.


Round 4 365 was a really good for births.  I’ve photographed repeat clients and men catching their babies.  I’ve cried at a birth, photographed HBACs and two hospital births.  Every time I’m still humbled and in awe of these women.

365 :: 4

I’m not the greatest portrait photographer.  Most people find it awkward to stand for one and I find it awkward to ask.  But this year, I learned that it’s ok to slow down and ask for some to look into my camera.  It’s ok to get that smile.  It’s ok to capture their gaze.  That kind of presence is a beautiful thing.

portraitsRound 4 had a few vacations.  We brought our boys to a spot we’ve been camping with our friends for over a decade.  It felt like a tiny full-circle moment.  Disney was a big one.  Airports, hotels, and Disney was a highlight in the 365 and in 2015.
vacationI’m guessing if I scroll through my previous 365’s, you might see me once.  That’s not fair.  I play a pretty damn important role in my life.  So I told myself, “Show up, Kid.”  And so I did by passing my camera to someone or by setting the self-timer.  In albums, the boys will see and say, “That was Ma when she was 38.”  Show up.  It’s not that difficult.spCheers, Round 4.  I loved you.

Round 5?  Give me a little while…

I’ll offer some 365 tips very soon.  If you have any specific questions, just ask.