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Reason #5 I Should Like Summer.

Camping is probably the best part of summer.  We didn’t make it last year and I vowed that this year we’d make it once a month.  June, check.  July, check!  This past weekend we camped with four couples and nine kids.  Friday night it was just our family and we’ve discovered that sticker books are a huge thing for our boys.  These Lego sticker books will occupy them for hours.  The books are the first thing they reach for when the car is being unpacked.  When the tent is up, it becomes a club house for Lego sticker books.  We didn’t even have to say, “Go to bed.”  They grabbed the light, said Good Night, and crashed an hour later.

We’re still tweaking our camping routines.  This trip we added some new foods.  Breakfast was bourbon marshmallow Smores with bacon and we decided to grill corn with dinner.  Because we’re still tweaking, we had some learning experiences with these new additions.  Next time, I’ll make the marshmallows thicker and store them in the cooler.  Normal sized homemade marshmallows didn’t roast like store bought ones.  Plus when left out, they melt into a big sticky blob.  And we’ll start the corn sooner on the next trip.  Besides these flubs, it was a successful camping trip.  The boys got some sun and we got to unplug.

August’s 10 on 10 edition will be photos from Saturday.  Come back then.

I’m guessing we won’t be camping with the boys in August.  Two out of three is pretty good.  But come Labor Day, Mark and I will be back in tents and I can’t wait.

Reason #5 I Should Like Summer: Camping with the family.


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