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Reason #4 I Should Like Summer.

No schedules!  I mean we have schedules, but we’re more apt to ignore them in the Summer.  Bedtimes are always later and rarely consistent.  Pie for breakfast and lunch?  Sure.  It works in the Summer.  No schedules during the rest of the year would feel irresponsible, but in the Summer it feels naughty and delicious.

What do you give the boot to during the summer months?

Reason #4 I Should Like Summer: Schedules, Pa-schedules. Who needs one?

  • Marisa - Right? And the lack of schedule is the one thing I’ll miss when school starts again. But right now, my kids feel aimless without a schedule, and have yet (at 8 and 5) to embrace the freedom of no schedule.

    I like this series. You’re helping me appreciate summer before it’s over. But I’d still trade summer for October any day.July 25, 2012 – 9:35 amReplyCancel

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