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Reason #2 I Should Like Summer

Really this should be #1.  There’s no denying it.  Most parents would probably agree.  When Summer rolls around, people want to take our kids.  Not people like Strangers with Candy, but people like relatives.  Once the boys turned two, my MIL takes them for a week.  They enjoy life with Grandma and Grandpa.  We get to enjoy life with each other.  When Labor Day ends Summer, my parents take the boys so we can enjoy a long camping trip with a dozen+ adults.  This year, Mark’s brother and SIL wanted the boys.  Why not?  Take them!

People always asks, “Don’t you miss them?”  And I always answer “No” without hesitation.  What I miss is extended time with my husband.  What I miss are a couple days off from parenting.  The boys come back like clockwork.  The Parent-free weekends aren’t as predictable.  So we happily take them as often as possible.  And that time usually occurs in the summer.

Reason #2 I Should Like Summer: The Boys visit family without us in tow.