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Reason #1 I Should Like Summer

On Monday, I declared my hatred for Summer.  I don’t like it.  For me, the benefits of Summer don’t out-weigh the shit parts of Summer.  On Tuesday, Tiffani attacked my hatred with her Summer loving.  Love always wins, right?  I’d rather not deprive her of these feelings by arguing why my hate is correct.  Tiffani is pretty badass, so I thought I’d attempt to see things her way for a little while.  Every Wednesday until school starts, I’ll find one reason why Summer isn’t so bad.  I can guarantee that I won’t fall in lust or love with Summer, but maybe I’ll fall into Like.

Reason #1

Long-time readers of ERP will know why this reason wins out.  I doubt I have lots of reason to love summer, so I’m grabbing at whatever little bits of love I can find.  Even if it means writing a similar post a few of you may have read before.  Sorry.  If you’re new here, this is for you.

July 4th happens in the Summer.  Not the Winter or Spring.  Smack dab in Summer.  Today’s July Fourth and that’s why it gets Reason #1 to Like Summer.

Prior to meeting Mark, I could care less about this holiday.  Fireworks?  They’re fine, but I was ok skipping them.  Desserts shaped and decorated like the flag?  They’re a little too cheesey for me, but I’d eat them.  July Fourth was another day in Summer, but worse because people came out of the weeds to play with fire.  And then I met the Rays and they might love the Fourth more than Christmas.  It’s like a family reunion centered around food and fire.  Their firework display crushes a small cities’ celebration.  But the best part?  Uncle Chris and my FIL save their Christmas trees to blow up for all the Fourth guests.  After the food has been served, the brittle trees are centered.  All the kids gather and are handed bottle rockets and other small fireworks.  They fight for space and give the trees one last decorating party.  A grown up anoints the trees with gasoline and calls for the family.  Someone throws or shoots (yes.  shoots.) a match and we all cheer from a very safe distance.  Because the Fourth is a Wednesday this year, we’re stuck down South.  Sadly, we won’t see a decorated tree blow up.  We’ll be at a “classy” firework display.  During the final sparks tonight, Mark and I will both wonder how beautiful the 2012 Ray Tree looked.  I can guarantee it was spectacular.  Check out 2009’s tree and 2010’s tree.

Reason #1 I Should Like Summer: Fourth of July.

Happy Fourth, Folks!  Eat a flagged shape dessert and be safe.  Return home with both arms, legs, and all your digits!

By next Wednesday, I’ll find a Reason #2.  Feel free to drop me a suggestion.  I’m going to need it.  I hate this season…  Sorry, Tiffani.  I’m trying.