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Random Hump Day Crap 4

I swear I have no random crap today. Since Friday, I’ve spent every day with one set of my parents. And that will knock any 36 year-old straight back to girlhood. I guess I could share hair tutorials or One Direction videos…

I’m not complaining one bit. I dig when I get to go back to “Being Someone’s Baby”.  I’ll admit it.  What Mom wouldn’t want to be someone’s baby?!  Shit if my Mom would cut my food, I’d let her.   Psst…  She might if I asked real nice.*   I like being a Mom, but also feeling 100% like someone’s baby. That’s what going home always does for me.

But you can’t do it for too long. At one point, you’ll morph into a spoiled brat screaming: DON’T TREAT ME LIKE A BABY! I’M A GROWN ASS WOMAN!  FINE I DID JUST ASK YOU CUT MY FOOD AND GIVE MY KIDS A BATH, BUT FUCK…  THAT’S WHAT A MOTHER DOES FOR HER 36 YEAR-OLD KID.  I WAS YOUR BABY FIRST!  GEEZ.

So today, we pack up and I head right back into adulthood.

In honor of hanging with the boys’ Grandma and Mimi, I thought I’d share some dancing Grandma’s. It’s a classic video. Hang with the first one until the end. Make mental notes: Dance your ass off as a Grandma/Mimi.

And get over here to enter.  There’s still time and your odds are pretty sweet.

*She never babied us growing up.  Our brother?  Well, that’s a different story.