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Random Hump Day Crap 3

  • Growing up we never had the ziploc bags that actually zipped shut.  We definitely never had the actual Ziploc brand.  You had to do some weird inside-out move with the top flap.  Something that a young kid was incapable of figuring out.  I was jealous of the kids with the fancy Yellow & Blue Make Green bags.  To a middle-schooler, clearly these kids were rich and their parents really cared about the safety of their sandwiches.  They had it so easy…  I had the weird fold over bags.  Eventually, you move on to big things like “Why are my legs so long that I can’t properly peg my jeans?”  As an adult, I’ve always bought the weird fold over bags.  They’re like 2 cents cheaper, they work, and I don’t want my kids to live a cushy life where you simply pinch your sandwich bags shut (nevermind that I don’t use the bags for my kid’s lunch).  This morning, I realized that I grabbed the actual lock bags (off brand of course, but they do lock).  This morning a plastic bag made me feel luxurious and uppity.  It’s true.
  • And I realize that I might have issues with dumb shit.
  • A friend of mine published a pattern!  Go check it out.  I think it’d look fantastic with a variety of different fabrics.  As soon as I work up the muster to shave my legs, I’m on it.  Since we got snow this week, I’m still happily rocking the Winter Legs.
  • We have lots of  “Regular Show”  Ooooo!  moments in our house.  A poorly timed one will result in a very pissed off boy screaming, “We said no OOoooo’s!”  Last night’s example.

  • Dear Sugar herself commented on the link I tagged her in and I almost poo’d my pants this morning.  “But Erika you tagged her?” I can hear you asking.  Sure, but I tag a lot of people and they usually happily ignore it.

  • I like pixalating stuff.
  • Usually in Random Hump Day Crap, it’s funny stuff.  But check out this series.  Not funny at all, but a visual reminder that you’d better do something fun NOW.  That’s my mission for today.  Join me and hunt down something fun.

  • And if people want to make us stop our Fun hunt, Becks and I will tell people “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.”
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