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Random Crappy Crap

  • I hate square plates.  I don’t get them.  They’re weird and you know it.
  • Have you heard the song “Bubble Butt”?  Sometimes I sing it when I really shouldn’t. Let’s be honest, there’s never a reason to sing the song. But I do.

  • I absolutely can’t stop singing “Just Give me a Reason” song whenever I hear it.  Which is every 10 minutes.  And when I do, it’s always in the style of a Disney princess.  Trust me, it works.  Ask, Carmen.  She’ll tell you.


  • I’m so lazy that when a public toilet doesn’t flush after I stand up, I get really pissed off.  I’m annoyed that I have to use my foot because I’m 100% convinced that I will slip and fall into my own pee.  And whenever I step on to the flusher, I always think “What the fuck?  You aren’t a germaphobe.  Use your hand.”  But I  continue to this irritation/dance a number of times a day.
  • Since starting this posts, I’ve listened to the Pink song twice.  And I’ve mouthed the words each time.
  • The other day in the car, Becks asked me, “What do you like me so much?”    I said, “Because you’re my baby.”  But that’s not 100% true and he deserved the complete answer.  “I don’t like you.  I love you because you’re funny.  You’re passionate.  You give really good compliments.  You say ‘Sorry’ when you know you’re wrong.  You’re a really good Lego builder.  And you give amazing hugs.  Why do you like me?”  “Cause you’re my Mom,” he said.  And that’s all I needed.
  • One more click to make three times.  My Princess would have a cute green bob and be completely kickass.  Her unicorn would be named Stan.  And they’d eat Jiffy Pop.  Really though.  I doubt I’d get a Princess.  I’d settle for Stan.
  • I’m able to listen to Stern at work.  I need to learn how to not laugh while wearing headphones.  I also need to learn how to not sing along with some of their parodies.  “Big Jugs” probably isn’t something appropriate to even mouth at work.
  • If you haven’t heard his interview with Jerry Seinfeld, shame on you.
  • I’m onto Blurred Lines, sorry Pink.  Click if you want a song that will make you dance or if you want to see some boobs.  Lots of boobs.  But Pharrell there, so that’s always nice.
  • I wish the word BOOB had a fun singular and plural difference: like “octopus” and “octopi”
  • I texted my husband so he’d come upstairs.  Yelling didn’t work…  I heard the text go through.  40 minutes later he says, “HA!  You text me!!”

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