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Random Crap 9

  • A friend of mine is offering a new course which is totally different from all the other Photography course out there.  Head over and sign up.
  • Shit the above cover is currently playing on my computer.  Now I’ll spend the rest of this post crying…
  • Songs make me cry like a child.  Breathe Me by Sia…  Forget about it.  Snot everywhere.

  • “Can’t Help Falling in Love” the Ingrid Michaelson version also squeezes my heart and makes me choke on tears.  But that’s my fault as I used it for this video.
  • My kids use “Awkward” a lot.  Coop uses it to describe when he’s uncomfortable and Becks uses it for when he’s pooped and there’s no toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom.
  • Yesterday, I felt like shit all day.  Both boys repeatedly said, “I’m sorry you don’t feel good.” If that only helped, I would have been back on my feet by 10 a.m.