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Random Crap 8

  • I ate all my Tuesday meals from the Vitamix.  Except for a few dark chocolates.  Remember when Tami from the Real World had her jaw wired shut so she could loss weight?  I could totally do that with the Vitamix.  If I was insane…
  • Just because you can mix oranges, apples, bananas, spinach, carrots, almond milk, and oatmeal doesn’t mean you should.  Or at least cut the quantity and add more water.  It was thick mess of sludge.  While it was somewhat tasty, sludge is never fantastic to sallow.

  •  Finally tried out a new restaurant in Columbus.  It was a nice place to celebrate a friend’s huge accomplishment.  Here’s what I discovered: the idea of oysters is more exciting than an actual oyster, not loving the Moscow Mule, I’d tongue kiss a cheese curd, and friends should do more weekday dinners.
  • I have two pre-Summer songs which will probably make it to the Summer song status:

God Lord, fast forward this video.  Sorry Anna Kendrick fans, but get to singing already…

    • You love Amy Schumer, right?  I don’t mean to be pushy, but you should.

  •  The next Lazy Gal post is coming.  It’s late.  Cause I’m lazy.
  • I continue to be grateful and in awe by the love y’all are giving me from my Clickin Mom’s breakout session.  I never anticipated the sweet sweet words people are spewing my way.  When I read emails saying something like, “Thank you.  I’m taking pictures of my family again and I’m lovin’ the process” I’m filled with so much excitement for your 2013 photo albums.  I’m also thrilled for the amount of art you will undoubtably spill into this world by your own excitement and how it will change your photography.  Bring it on.  The world needs more you.
  • Lately my dog’s farts are insanely bad lately.  I wish you could smell them.