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Random Crap 5

New fans means new readers.  So I figured I’d give a few more details about me.  Sorry no video.  I didn’t have the energy to surf through lots of shit videos.

  • Whenever my kids want me to close my eyes, I become insanely blind.  I trip.  I grope.  I run into things on purpose and say kid-safe cuss words.
  • I don’t and won’t ever understand the Kardashian fascination.  But kudos for making a living being You.  Or as You as you are on tv.
  • I love the west coast Real Housewives.  I totally get that fascination.
  • The grossest thing I’ve ever thrown up was beet juice.  Went down semi-warm and came up as I imagined it would if vampire’s existed and got sick on bad blood.
  • Blogging goal?  I want Vitamix to sponsor me.  That’s right, I aim with tiny doable goals.  They should ship me one and I could test out gadzooks of recipes on my kids.  Kale smoothies?  Sure, I’ve done it before.  But this time I wouldn’t have to explain to my kids why their smoothie had chunks which were getting stuck in their straws.  Carrot juices?  Ok, but just a little as it’s not my thing.  Homemade humus?  Hell yeah!  Coop would lick the container.  Yes, Vitamix you heard that.  Container lickin’ in this house.  Beet juice?  Read above statement.  Or I should get a job and buy one to celebrate.  But I think sponsorship is more fun.  And cheaper…
  • Ginger Scones with Lemon curd is the holy grail of morning treats.  Don’t tempt me with your donuts or waffles.  I won’t be swayed.
  • We’ve watched Drive at least 3 times in this house during the past week.  We’ve watched the final fight scene in Crazy. Stupid. Love three times too.  How difficult would it be to get Ryan Gosling to sponsor my blog? (you’re welcome for the link)
  • I hate when cute babies come to my house and I don’t take one picture.
  • I love when Moms come and say, “I hate doing dishes, so I won’t make one dirty for you.”