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Portrait of a Seven Year Old

This weekend we celebrated Easter.  More important, we celebrated Cooper’s seventh birthday.  Family came over to sing, eat, drink, laugh, and celebrate this little guy’s day.  We talked about how big he’s gotten.  The Moms talked about how lucky they were to watch him being born.  And Mark and I walked around in a daze by how quickly seven years have flown by.  I’m assuming we’ll never get used to that birthday daze.  Just like Coop will never get used to me telling him all the details from the day he was born: a pope was declared, Regis & Kelly laughed as he was being cleaned and measured, all that hair,  all that dark hair, his size, and how he didn’t look like he belonged to us.  I’ll retell him the details until my words can no longer reach his ears.  Because those tiny details are the hard facts which made him ours.  Those details were the important planks along the bridge from being Childless toward being a Family.  And it’s a walked I’d happily take all over again.

A seven year-old’s answers to the big questions.

TV Show: Spiderman, Sand Wars, Adventure Time, Ninjago

Movie: BeastMaster and The Adventures of Tin Tin

Food: Pizza

Fruit: Apples

Color: Red

Restaurant: Quaker Steak & Lube

Dessert: Cake

Sport: Football

Toy: G.I Joe

Song: Dynamite

Book: Tintin, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Star Wars encyclopedia

Phrase: What the Heck.

What he wants to be when he’s a grown up: Super Star