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How many times can I tell you I’m lazy?

How many times can I tell you I’m selfish?

It gets old, huh?

I do what I want because I want to do it.  I will bend over my middle-aged ass to help my loved ones.  I will make three dinners in one night so my kids have a home cooked meal a few nights a week.  If one of my kids is stuck in a car, I think I would go ape shit trying to get them out.  I hope I would.  But you don’t know.  Sometimes Fear digs its claws in deep.  You can’t prepare, but you can hope you’d do right.

Would I run into a burning building for a stranger?  A good person would say, “Of course I would!”  But I’m honest.  I’d probably freak out.  I’m sure I’d freeze.  I’m sure I would think, “What about my own family?  They need a Momma.  And that fire might take their Momma away from them.  I don’t know that person.  That fire does look pretty hot…”  I’m 100% certain those thoughts would flash through my brain.  Would I run into those flames?  Probably not.

But there are men and women who aren’t wired like I am.  They have to run into the flames.  They always knew it was their calling.  They were called to run.  To save.  To be brave when others freeze.

Because they have this gene, they train.  They know how to navigate through flames.  They know how to save.  But they also know that sometimes there’s no way out.  And even knowing that fact, they continue to take the risk: to run in.  They risk never seeing their families.  Never coming home to their DVR’d shows.  Never knowing their babies’ faces.   Never eating a perfectly cooked medium rare steak again.  Never seeing their children get married.

But they still run in.

And for that we all owe firefighters and all other first responders.

Recently, a friend’s town suffered a devastating loss.  19 firefighters were killed.  These men had families and loved ones.  They were men who would run in when other people would run out.  Please support these brave men by purchasing a print.  Your walls could use something beautiful.  And all proceeds will benefit their families (details).

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Thank those 19 men now.