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Only YOU can Answer this Question

Are you comfy in your craft?  Feels good, right?

You see the moment that needs to be saved and you snap the photo.

You aren’t afraid of whipping out your huge camera in the middle of a swanky restaurant.

You’re confident with your edits.

You are a photographer!

I think when you feel really comfortable, you should step back and ask yourself a question:

What’s important to me about my photography?

  • Is it a tack sharp image?
  • Is it a clean scene?
  • Is it a subject free of any distractions?
  • Is it emotion driven?
  • Is it exactly how you saw it in your mind?
  • Is it an image that you’ll be proud of in 10 years?
  • Is it a well constructed scenario?
  • Is it that your images resemble the compositions/edits of your favorite photogs?

Maybe one or more of those answers is important to your photography.

What’s important to me about my photography?

Answer the question and then follow it to your vision.

Not the latest trailblazer’s.  Not the latest class. Not a big group of photographers’ vision.  Not how the current Preset Designer wants you to edit.  Not how the FB crowd does photography.

Follow your answer and create those images without an apology.

Don’t be afraid because guess what?!  In a couple months, you can ask yourself the same question and give a totally different answer.  There’s no shame in switching it up.

Art always allows you to change course.  As long as you keep asking the question.

So ask…

What’s important to me?

After reading “Women of Vision” from National Geographic, I’m asking my question again.  And that’s exciting.



  • Angela - I love the photos you take of your boys. So handsome and often so silly.January 20, 2016 – 8:49 pmReplyCancel

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