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One Second :: January – February

February is always a tough month for me.  I hibernate and not in the cozy way one would assume a bear sleeps off the winter. I drop everything.  No photos.  No sewing.  No real blogging.  I usually pull away from friends because I feel shitty.  Cooking?  Nothing fancy or new.  I just go to the couch and pull the blankets up to my chin.  I wallow in my boredom and spend lots of time boo-hooing things in my head.

But I still shoot my 365 and One Second clips.  I’m not inspired by it or motivated to do more.  For a month it’s an awful chore I do because I made a commitment to the projects.

But I keep going because I know that February thaws and March rolls in with a healthy dose of vigor.

Hello March.  I’m ready for some fun.

I’ve waited patiently for 28 days.  Bring it.

Let’s live like it’s 1 a.m.

One Second a Day :: January – February from Erika Ray on Vimeo.