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One Second FAQ

So let’s talk.  I want to make this as easy and as clear as possible because I really want you to succeed at this project.

I can only weigh in on the One Second Everyday app because that’s the app I use for my project.

  • Download.  Duh.
  • I use the iPhone’s camera to record video.  The main reason?  It opens so much faster.  I rarely plan my clips, so I need something open fast to nab the moment.  The OSE app take FOREVER to open.  Missing any potential goodness.  That’s frustrating and project crushing.
  • When you open the app, enter Timelines.  If you’ve taken a video for the day, you’ll see a thumbnail of that video.  Click on the day.  If you have multiple clips, there’s film strip button in the top right.  This allows you to access all clips from a particular day.  The center triangle plays the entire clip.  Doesn’t matter if it’s 15 minutes long, you’ll watch it clicking that PLAY button.  You can push or pull the strip on the bottom.  Pushing the tiny PLAY button will show you ONLY one second of video. Push and pull it to show the best one second.  Once you click the scissor in the top right, you’ve clipped your one second for the day.
  • You can record as many seconds as you want.  Somedays I thought I’d forget to take a clip, so I do some boring random bit.  And then something fantastic happened later.  And then even later.  On those days, I had multiple moments to choose from.
  • You can always swap and re-snip clips as long as you keep the original on your phone.  Click the day and the film strip button.  Re-snip with the scissor and VIOLA, new one second saved.
  • Once a clip is snipped, it’s saved within the app.  You can delete the original.  All those full clips do take up space on your phone.  Back up the phone somewhere.
  • If you click the tiny film strip in the right, you can delete the clips from the app.  But if you deleted the OG from the phone, you will never get those OSE clips back.  Sorry.
  • You can’t add music from the app.  I would run a custom monthly (4th-4th for the last one) smoosh of my clips and import into iMovie.  Add some music, some bumpers, and TA-DA…  Look into Xanthe’s class for an excellent way to use iMovie!
  • If you can, shoot with decent light.  Darkness works, but interrupts the mood.  Light.  Light.  Light.  Dark.  Light… But when in doubt, shoot whenever you remember!!
  • Hit all the boring everyday moments: grocery, Target trips, dinner, dog’s wagging tail.  Don’t shoot for excitement.  That’s so much pressure.  Make this easy and fun.  Shoot for everyday.
  • Don’t freak out if you miss a day.  The app skips right over it.
  • Don’t freak out if you miss several days.  So what!!?  Keep doing it.
  • I made sure to ALWAYS shoot mine horizontal.  A vertical shot looked funny.  I’ve deleted a day’s video because of it.  I’d rather miss a day than see a vertical shot.  My issue, people.  My issue.
  • Get in on the action.  Ask someone to film for you.
  • Tell your friends!  This project was so much easier than my 365 to get my friends involved.  Whipping out an iPhone was easier than lugging out my big camera.  You want to see your life.  Your friends are a part of it.  Film the shit out of them.
  • Always shoot movement.  If your kids aren’t moving, ask them to move.  Whenever my kids waved, I was begging for something.  They eventually know the drill and will play along.  Now Coop says, “One second me!”
  • Don’t walk and shoot that will make the viewer sick.  Just sayin’…
  • Just do it.  The very least, a second out of your day.

What questions do y’all have?

Ask and I’ll answer.


I’m starting today.  On June 20th, I’ll share my month and I can’t wait!

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