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One Second Every Day July to August.

One day this month, I thought to myself, “I really love this project.”  I fixed dinner, ironed my clothes, poured a glass of wine, all the nightly rituals.

But I woke up like someone had rearranged my bedroom furniture.  Like the whole house was a little off.  And then I realized  I forgot to record a second.  With 2 full 365’s and almost 2 halves under my belt, I’ve never forgotten a day.  Naturally, I panicked for a bit.  But then just let it go.  It happens.

The month’s clip is still a solid 30 seconds of our life.  Boring days mingle with exciting ones.  Milestones and friends flash by in 30 seconds.  A really good reminder that life is simple and beautiful.  A pleasant acknowledgement that I’m surviving this new life.  One little second smashed to the next little second is all I need to be grateful and happy.  I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but it’s true.  30 little seconds and I felt good about our month.  Try it.

july 4 – august 4 from Erika Ray on Vimeo.

  • Kristen - He’ll yeah, I’m totally gonna do this.August 5, 2013 – 10:35 amReplyCancel

    • Kristen - HELL yeah. Though “he’ll yeah” might better capture my oft-hidden Southen Ohio accent.August 5, 2013 – 10:36 amReplyCancel

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