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One for the Kids. And Real Life Adult Mom.

PSA:  Don’t feel like reading all my ramblings?  I don’t blame you.  Sort of…  Skip to the end.  

Pretty please.

When we were talking about moving, friends and family kept asking us the big question: What about the schools?  And I responded the same way every single time without worry, caution, or regret:

I don’t care about the schools because I just want a nice neighborhood.

They looked at me like I was insane.

Or a lazy parent.  Which I am.

Of course I care about the schools, but I wasn’t moving to a neighborhood because of a school’s test scores.  I didn’t want to let one person’s bad experience keep me from a nice house.  Maybe their kid was a jerk and it wasn’t the school’s fault; it’s usually easier to blame someone other than your jerky kid.  I wasn’t going to look at schools before I looked at a neighborhood.  I just wanted a nice neighborhood that we could go on walks or let the kids play in the backyard without really watching (see above).    I wasn’t planning on having the school raise my kid, I was planning on the neighborhood being a cushion of support.  I wanted a nice neighborhood to keep eyes on our house.  A nice neighborhood with neighbors I could borrow cups and cups of sugar from.  I wanted a neighborhood with people who walked their dogs.  Neighbors who had kids to play with our kids.  The school would be better because of those things.  Right?

I’m guessing you think I’m naive and I should have looked into the schools.  Most people would agree with you, but I stand by my Lazy Parenting.  I counted on the neighborhood.

I was right again.

Coop’s new school is amazing.  On his first day (not the first day of school for the rest), the principal was greeting the kids, we must have looked lost (because we were) and she asked us to wait.  She walked us around and personally introduced COOPER to everyone.  I found it extremely important that he was the focus.  She told me how a lot of the kids love to come in early to hang out.  I laughed that my kid would never be one of those kids as we live steps aways from the doors.  Psst…  I’m wrong occasionally.  Coop regularly leaves our house 20 minutes early to hang-out.  I knew on that day our decision to move before our old house sold was 100% worth the extra money.  Coop is never bored as his teacher has fun activities planned if he finishes early.  She pushes him to learn beyond the lessons.

Tonight, I attended my first PTA meeting.  Honestly, I felt like an adult Mom.  I was at a PTA meeting!  Come on.  That’s a real adult Mom-like thing, right?  I went because I care.  I went because if I didn’t, I’d have to make up some weird random excuse to our neighbor.  And I like her so why lie?  I went because I know everyone else cares.  I went because it’s our neighborhood school.  And that’s really important.

Thank god my Lazy Parenting paid off.  Sometimes it goes the other way…  Every day (on all of my devices) I’m voting for these kids and my gratitude for my own Lazy Parenting Pay-Off.  I’m voting 4 times a day because a lot of these parents do not have the luxury of being lazy.  Join me, please.  And come back tomorrow and do the same.  Come back through March 7th if you remember.

Please take the time to click this link and vote.  You don’t have to register or submit any personal junk.  You click “Vote” and type the wacky words.  

Basically you just have to care about these students.  

And I said that I’d write a blog post and hoped you Folks would care enough to vote.  Do me a solid people and I’ll figure out a way to repay y’all…  How about one for the itty-bitty Lazy Parent in all of us?

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