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New Job Dance

Let’s talk about it.

There’s one big thing I’ve worried about since being laid-off.

How in the hell do I transition from an at-home job to an office job?

Of course it was a concern.  I had a sweet gig, Folks.  Most weeks it was awesome!  A few hours of calls and no one watching me.  Supermarket trips and doctor appointments when it didn’t conflict with work.  Over-nights and plenty of alone time.  Y’all know, I was in heaven.

So how the hell was I going to do a 9-5?

Well it appears that I do it just fine.

I’m doing better than I could have imagined.  That doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing at work.  Hell no.  What it means is that I’m doing this Schedule thing.  And I’m enjoying it.   I understand that this is a honeymoon phase and some days it sucks.  However I’ve surprised myself.  There’s no need to force myself to embrace it.   I’m embracing it because I want to hug the shit out of it.

  • I love going to the same place every day.
  • It’s nice to see people on a regular basis.  I rarely saw the same person twice with my old job.  If I did, it was months (mostly years) between visits.
  • I actually love being 100% out of the house.  It feels good and forces me to use my Home time more efficiently.
  • I love not being the one who’s mainly responsible for the family.  My husband is an excellent partner, but because of my schedule I handled most of the home details.  I was starting to get very martyr-ish about everything.  No one loves a martyr.  No one loves being a martyr.

Of course there are huge cons.

  • I’m exhausted by 10:30 p.m.
  • My back is killing me from sitting in an attractive but uncomfortable chair.
  • I haven’t felt creative for a while.
  • I feel like an idiot 80% of the day, but that number dwindles with each passing day.
  • I can’t talk with my friends when I need to.  This is by far the biggest con.  Sometimes it hurts, but we’ll find our ways.

This week, I’m starting to incorporate my old life with my new life.  That means more writing.  I never planned posts.  I’d see something and have to write about it.  Currently, I see stuff that y’all don’t care about.  Trust me.  I care about it because I’m paid to care about it, but do I really care about it?  Right now my life feels very work orientated and that doesn’t feel blog worthy.  I’m hoping this week I start to fall into a more Life orientated life.

This schedule isn’t going away.  It’s my New life and I have to boogie with it. So I might as well two-step myself towards sanity and happiness the only way I know how and that dance lingers in my Old life.  It’s about time to let the Old and New life square off on the dance floor.  This week, we get down.

A few favorites from the past two weeks.

Enjoy your work week and I’ll try to do the same.


  • Jodie - I SO get this. I made the transition from working at home for 14 years to a retail job in November. So many changes! It’s a whole different gig! I totally feel your pros and cons and find more with time. Con: no jammie days when your feeling a touch under the weather but not enough to call in sick.

    Have a great week!June 24, 2013 – 8:56 amReplyCancel

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