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My Vacation from Parenthood.

Starting on Friday morning in Vegas, Mark started saying, "I miss the boys."  I'm a weird Mom.  I don't truly miss them until the second they pop out of the car.  And then I start to get the ugly-face that comes with my type of crying.  When I'm on a Momma Vacation, I take a vacation.  I checked in on Monday and spoke with Cooper on the phone.  He didn't really want to talk because a movie just started.  Becks had no desire to talk and I realize there's no point pushing the issue.  Mark called on Tuesday to inform his parents we landed and that was that.  Parenthood vacation!  We rarely talked about the boys.  My cell phone was left in the hotel room and was usually dead.  I figured one cell was sufficient and just assumed Mark's was charged.  I didn't even think to check-in.  If there was a problem, they would call.  I know that in a few short days, I'll get to hear about the week with their full attention.  I'd rather not interrupt their fun.  I want them to get into their element with their grandparents.  That's the point of their vacation week.

My in-laws raised three confident, respectful, and happy adults.  There's never a doubt or fear when I leave my boys.  I want to return to our pre-kid days.  I want a parenting break and every year I'm offered one.  I take it with so much gratitude and happiness.  I want to sit on the couch without having to tell little toes to scurrying back to bed.  Ten times.  I want to eat a dinner and not wonder if a plate will be pushed away.  I love my week of kid freedom.  And my in-laws love their week.  They get to return to their kid days.  They get to see a glimpse of their sons through my sons.  They get to visit places that haven't in years.  My boys love their week with Grandma and Grandpa.  For the week prior, I am told about everything they would be able to do: movies, TV, Grandpa's hunting Wii game, candy, Grandpa's cereal (Applejacks).  And no Momma or Daddy.  I consider this week a victory for all parties.

But by Friday, Mark couldn't wait to wrestle with the boys.  I would have been good until Sunday, but around noon on Saturday my MIL called and said she was minutes away.  That's when it hits me.  I nervously clean and keep an eye on the door.  When the car pulls in, I notice they can't get out of the car fast enough and I can't get to outside fast enough.  Coop hugs me and almost knocks me over.  Becks runs with his arms open and his mouth gaping.  I love that they call me Grandma for the first hour they're home.  They always giggle when they realize their error.  I loved that Coop wouldn't stop touching my hair.  I loved that Becks would look up and just start giggling when he caught my eye.  I loved the details of their week spilling out with an excitement that couldn't have been found at our home.  I loved when my MIL tells me she's surprised by how well they eat.  I love how we all feel that a reset button has been pressed with our parenting and our relationships.  I know the thought of leaving your kids for a week might make some Mommas sick.  I'm not one of them.  It's only a week.  It's spent with family.  It's a chance for everyone to get back to their roots.  That week pushes us back into our groove which makes us a stronger family.  And that's a week I'll take for as long as my in-laws offer it.


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