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My Get Dirty Quilt

Someone do a fact check, please.  When did I say our house didn’t need one more quilt?  I’m afraid to look because I know it wasn’t long ago.  Yes, I fully admit I have a problem.  But I had a situation pop up.  I needed something to work on while we were camping.  I needed to hand stitch something!  I needed to work on binding.  And all the quilts I need to make would take more than a week to finish or the recipients might or might not be camping with us.  I needed a simple quilt and I needed it in a week.  Good thing I was slow at work and would be around the house.   Good thing I have a vat of thrifted sheets in my basement.  Good thing I could solve my problem.  Self-reliance is key.

I emailed my friend about my problem and solution.  I got support because she also might or might not have a problem.  She said that she’s event quilting: “We need a quilt to eat fried chicken on during the summer Sundays.  That’s insane, right?”  Who was she emailing?  I justified making this quilt because I wanted a quilt the boys could get dirty.  I was making a quilt to actually stain!  That’s as insane as making a Fried-Chicken-For-Sunday-Dinners quilt.  A week prior, Coop dropped a blueberry smoothie on the Granny Square quilt.  It came out and my heart slowed back to normal.  I want my quilts to get dirty, but a huge blue stain on white fabric was enough to give me a craft induced heart attack.  So I gathered all the same color family of sheets and got to work.

Here’s some info I learned making this quilt:

  •  6 inch squares stitched into a 12X12 square makes a pretty good picnic quilt.
  • Thrifted sheets smell like shit when you iron them.  They smell like a musty old woman’s house.
  • Make sure to check your sheets for stains or cigarette holes if that kind of thing bugs you.  I wanted a Get-Dirty quilt, so I didn’t really care.  Plus I didn’t see them until the squares were ripped and stitched.
  • Don’t rip out your work with sheets.  Most are pretty thin and could possible rip further.  Use a ripper and be careful.
  • Stripe piece with 4 long panels and make a 4×4 square of patches.  Then sew the 4×4 squares together to form a 12×12 square.  Super fast and easy.
  • Easy patchwork quilts are addictive.
  • A good friend sent me a huge flat sheet and I used it for the back.  Another good friend shares her finds when she’s thrifting.  Add that combo and it makes this quilt a joint project.  That I will love and graciously let them wipe their grubby fingers on if they dine with us.
  • Don’t skimp on binding fabric or use a thinner sheet for the binding.  I bought some gingham that was pretty thin. I knew better, but I wanted it done.  Unconsciously, I cut off 3 corners when I was trimming.  It was fate.  I ripped a pillow case and added some thrifted binding.  Besides the solids (leftover Kona from a previous project) and a few squares of (Urban Chiks Dream On) it is made entirely from thrifted sheets.
  • This is the girliest thing I’ve ever made.  It actually made me uncomfortable at one point.  But I think it’s the perfect style for a picnic.  Fried chicken or otherwise.